Give Independence Day July 5, 2019 is a day of giving to grow independence for Cincinnati-are residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Your donation will benefit local agencies like Ken Anderson Alliance, Autism Services at The Children's Home, Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati, and Melodic Connections. These groups support teens and adults with disabilities in their goals toward increased freedom in their live, work, and play choices. 

Give Independence Day on July 5th, 2018 generated more than $16,000 to benefit teens and adults with developmental disabilities gaining the freedom to choose how they live, work, and play. Read their stories below. 

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What Independence Means

Sam and Zach


Sam (r) and Zach (l) live independently with supports in their own apartment, the first time either has lived away from home. Read their story here.


Teenager playing drums

Kyle is about to enter his second year of high school, and he is already known as  the student who has a professional music video. Read his story here.

Jenn and Jakob


Jakob is surrounded by people who understand and want to get to know him for who he was, not try to change him, says his mom Jenn of Q102. Read his story here.  


Morgan's work at InsideOut Studio in Hamilton has developed her skills as an artist, public speaker,

Morgan's work at InsideOut Studio in Hamilton has developed her skills as an artist, public speaker and advocate. Read her story here.


Asante faced his own fears with determination and hard work. Today, he’s working full time and a rol

Asante faced his own fears with determination and hard work. Today, he’s working full time.  Read his story here.

Lucas and Janis

 Life used to be very trying for Lucas.

 Life used to be very trying for Lucas. He'd been to nine different schools until Read his story here.

Benefiting These Nonprofit Organizations

Ken Anderson Alliance

Orange icon resembles upward arrows or rooftops or joining hands, with text Ken Anderson Alliance

The Ken Anderson Alliance delivers to a diverse group of underserved adults with disabilities. KAA is developing an inclusive neighborhood that maximizes independence and minimizes isolation. This is a self-directed community supported by alliances that offers a hub of resources to facilitate choices for Live, Work, and Play.  So many adults with disabilities live in isolation with nowhere to go and nothing to do with no feeling of purpose in life and no friends. The Ken Anderson Alliance wants to change that by creating LIVE, WORK and PLAY opportunities for the most vulnerable amongst us. When you give to Ken Anderson Alliance, you enable adults with disabilities to enjoy small group social outings, employment through social microenterprises, and a future residential community for adults with and without disabilities.

Give to Ken Anderson Alliance

Melodic Connections

Text is Melodic Connections where the "M" and "d" are musical notes

Melodic Connections is a community music studio serving all ages and abilities.

We use music as a tool for change in the lives of the people we serve and the communities they are a part of. Through the facilitation of music, we will help people see the humanity in each other, moving toward more inclusive communities that are change agents for the city. When people are brought together through active music making, we believe minds will be opened and new perspectives will emerge.

Using the principles of Community Music Therapy and a spirit of abundance, we bring groups together through music to form lasting relationships that include people with disabilities as leaders, participants and employees in this city.

Give to Melodic Connections

Adult Autism Services at Children's Home


We are proud to offer a continuum of specialized services for individuals on the autism spectrum, including support services for families. Your donation helps us offer programs including the school program, Transition to Adulthood, Ready Set Work!, and Ready 2 Work.

Give to Autism Services at Children's Home

Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati


Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati envisions a local workforce of inclusion and opportunity for all people. Our workforce development programs offer one-on-one attention for people with developmental disabilities to meet their work and personal life goals. Your gift directly impacts those we serve by helping them achieve fulfilling, independent lives through employment. In addition to varied workforce programs, Easterseals disability services include recreational Adult Day Services. 

give to easterseals serving greater cincinnati

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Give Independence Day is an initiative created by Ken Anderson Alliance to benefit nonprofit organizations in the Greater Cincinnati region that serve teens and adults with disabilities.

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