Her Story

Dominique is a young woman in the prime of her life who lives with an intellectual disability. 

She began her employment journey at Easterseals in a sheltered work center* and moved to supervised offsite worksites. Each time that Dominique would get close to getting a job in the community, some barrier would prevent this from happening.

In early 2016, Dominique agreed to participate in a new program, The Neighborhood Hubs, that Easterseals developed to teach work readiness skills in a community setting and where individuals participated in daily community integration. 

The program was a great fit for Dominque and helped her increase her work skills and determine her job interests. By the summer of 2016, she obtained a job at Arby’s where she still works!

“I’ve always wanted to work,” said Dominique. “I like to keep busy.” 

As testament to her work ethic, Dominique continues to volunteer at the HUB in Clifton on her days off. 


*Americans with Disabilities Act requires public agencies to provide services "in the most integrated setting appropriate to the needs of qualified individuals with disabilities." Easterseals serving Greater Cincinnati strives to promote an inclusionary workforce and provides workforce development skills to those we serve in order to enhance success for people with intellectual disabilities in community employment. 

Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati

Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati envisions a local workforce of inclusion and opportunity for all people. Our workforce development programs offer one-on-one attention for people with developmental disabilities to meet their work and personal life goals. Your gift directly impacts those we serve by helping them achieve fulfilling, independent lives through employment. In addition to varied workforce programs, Easterseals disability services include recreational Adult Day Services.