Jenn and Jakob

Jenn and Jakob


Jakob was homeschooled and had minimal interest in anything outside the home.

“At the Children’s Home my son is surrounded by people who ‘get it’ and understand him,” said Jenn Jordan of Q102 . “They were interested in getting to know him for who he was, not trying to change him.” 

To live his life the way he really wanted to, while teaching him the skills he needs to thrive, survive, engage in a world “filled with typical people.” 

Jenn is happy that Jakob is now enjoying his day from the moment he gets up to the moment he goes to bed. The Autism Services of The Children’s Home of Cincinnati helped Jakob be willing to try new things because he sees his friends doing it. 

“He is so excited to be around individuals who are like him because of being at the Autism School at The Children’s Home of Cincinnati,” adds Jenn. 

Autism Services at The Children's Home of Cincinnati

We are proud to offer a continuum of specialized services for individuals on the autism spectrum, including support services for families. Your donation helps us offer programs including the school program, Transition to Adulthood, Ready Set Work!, and Ready 2 Work. 

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