Kyle is about to enter his second year of high school, and he is already known as  the student who has a professional music video, has been featured on WVXU’s Cincinnati Edition, bravely auditioned for America’s Got Talent, and sang the national anthem at Great American Ballpark for a Reds Game last summer.  Kyle continues to amaze everyone since his story was told last year through Give Independence Day.  

At his high school this past year, as a Freshman, he was accepted into his school’s elite vocal ensemble.  He is singing the national anthem again this summer at the Great American Ball Park on July 26, he has a summer job at Kings Island, where he interacts naturally with park guests, thanks to the confidence he has built as a musician and performer.  

What’s in the works next for Kyle? Together with his instructor at Melodic Connections, Kyle is learning songwriting and is composing his first song that will be performed this fall.  Kyle and his family also are developing a podcast where Kyle will share his perspective on life, work and music.

Kyle is no longer first identified as a teenager who has autism, because together with his family, his community of support and the music therapists and instructors at Melodic Connections, Kyle has written a different story!  More than 2,000 individuals like Kyle are supported through Melodic Connections music therapy-based services.


Video produced by Everybody is a Star Foundation:

Listen to Kyle on WVXU’s Cincinnati Edition:

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Using the principles of Community Music Therapy and a spirit of abundance, we bring groups together through music to form lasting relationships that include people with disabilities as leaders, participants and employees in this city.

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