Sam and Zach

Their Story

Sam and Zach met through the Ken Anderson Alliance when they decided to LIVE in a townhouse together with support services. 

Both Sam and Zach look forward each month to their PLAY choices. Zach loves laser tag and arcade games with new friends he has met through monthly Ken Anderson Alliance PLAY experiences. Sam loves attending music events, especially when he can dance! Together, they have volunteered at Matthew 25 as their play outing because they also love giving back to a generous community.

Sam is currently involved in KAA's WORK program working at Aquaponics. He is learning how to grow lettuce and other herbs to sell to local restaurants. 

They have gone from two kids, living at home with their families and not experiencing much social interaction outside of their family, to two young adults who are learning what adult freedom is like. 

By supporting Give Independence Day, others can have the same opportunities as Sam and Zach.

They are a great example of gaining independence through the LIVE, WORK, PLAY mission of the Ken Anderson Alliance.

Ken Anderson Alliance

We create live, work, play opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. When you give to Ken Anderson Alliance, you enable adults with disabilities to enjoy small group social outings, employment through social microenterprises, and a future residential neighborhood for adults with and without disabilities. 

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